Review Enough said: What’s gone wrong with the language of politics? (A review)

original work by MARK THOMPSON reviewed by BARRY TOMALIN

Mark Thompson has had a stellar career in media journalism and administration, as former Executive Director of Channel 4, in the BBC as Director General and currently the New York Times, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer. His journalistic career has encompassed the huge acceleration of news through the introduction of the 24-hour news cycle with the speeding up of communication through the Internet and the explosion of outlets with the proliferation of news channels via satellite and the emergence of blogs, vlogs and other online communications. This acceleration has actually affected the style of language and how it is presented. Headlines are shortened to fit the rolling footer at the base of your newscasting TV screen. If a concept can be presented in two words so that it communicates well on Twitter then it may be used to create an impact even if it oversimplifies or even falsifies the story it is intended to present. Practical insights into how journalism and media work is one of the valuable lessons of ‘Enough Said’ but far more important is the argument and philosophy behind the book. ‘Enough Said’ is about the art of rhetoric, the ability to persuade your listeners and readers through the power of language.

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