Review Language unlimited: The science behind our most creative power (a review)

original work by DAVID ADGER reviewed by BARRY TOMALIN

Admired by no less a luminary as Noam Chomsky and by Gretchen McCulloch, author of Because Internet, Language Unlimited comes highly recommended. The author, David Adger, is Professor of Linguistics at Queen Mary University in London, President of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain and a language inventor. Yes, he invented the monsters’ language used in an ITV (UK Independent Television) series Beowulf. Language Unlimited, subtitled, The Science Be- hind Our Most Creative Power explores the human but also animals’ experience of understanding and using language. The aim of the book is to explore where human language creativity comes from and what is its scope and its limits. Based on insights into neuroscience, linguistics and psycho- logy, the book has ten chapters with notes, acknowledgements and an index.

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