Review Field guide to intercultural research (a review)

As befits an issue devoted to intercultural studies, the Field Guide to Intercultural Research is an appropriate opportunity to introduce a collection of 26 essays by over 40 authors representing over 20 nationalities, sharing their research in East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe and discussing questions of fieldwork research theory, organisation and management. Divided into three sections, the book focuses on intercultural research into international business differences. Part 1 deals with practical issues, such as interviewing research subjects and collecting and processing data. Part 2 examines theoretical themes, and Part 3 addresses regional themes, reporting on research projects on China, Thailand and Vietnam, Africa, including Nigeria, and the Middle East, including Lebanon and the Arabian Gulf. Overall, the book is a useful resource for post-graduate research students undertaking intercultural fieldwork as part of their studies or their work.

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